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Mr. Vilas Patil, Principal Secretary, Vidhan Bhavan, Government of Maharashtra
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Best of South Package by Mr. Vijay Tambe
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Car Rental Services by Mr. Stuart Butler
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Holiday Package to Ooty by Ritesh Mathur (GE Advanced Materials)
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Holiday Package to Shimla & Manali Achyut Shendye
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Holiday Package to Mahabaleshwar Shraddha Dhodiya
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Jalgaon, Khandesh (Maharashtra)


Hotels in Jalgaon

Hotels & Resorts in Jalgaon Khandesh    

Hotels in Jalgaon

  Grade Rate per couple Plan

Khandesh Jalgaon Sightseeing - Ajanta Caves, Shri Padmalaya Praval Ganesh Mandir,
Tarsoda Ganpati, Muktai nagar, Mehrun Lake, Gandhi Teerth, ManuDevi,
Unap Dev & Pal Sanctuary & Omkareshwar Mandir


Hotels & Resorts near Ajanta Caves & Padmalaya Shree Ganesh Peetha

Hotel Royal Palace
- just 60kms frm Ajanta Caves
- Omkareshwar Temple
- Padmalaya Shree Praval Ganesh Mandir
at Jai Nagar ** Tariff Tariff on rquest

Jalgaon district is located to the north of Maharashtra ie. The Northern Deccan Plateau. This is the agricultural region known as Khandesh of Maharashtra. It is connected with the Central Railway zone and National Highways.


Jalgaon district is well developed with well connected roadways, The National Highway 6, and connected with airway thru Airport &, Railways, and has shopping malls, educational institutes, residential areas, major industrial areas and hospitals.  This Banana City has a good communication and transport network.  Jalgaon is often called The Banana City since it contributes nearly half of the banana production produced in the state of Maharashtra.


UNESCO World Heritage Site - Ajanta Caves near Jalgaon City

UNESCO World Heritage Site - Ajanta Caves near Jalgaon CityUNESCO World Heritage Site - Ajanta Caves near Jalgaon CityUNESCO World Heritage Site - Ajanta Caves near Jalgaon City


Sightseeing of Jalgaon city - Muktai Temple & Shree Padmalaya Praval Ganesh Peetha

Sightseeing of Jalgaon city - Muktai Temple Sightseeing of Jalgaon city -  Shree Padmalaya Praval Ganesh Peetha


It is normally hot & dry in summer with temperature rising upto 47deg Celcius. during months of May to June.  It receives approx. 700mm rainfall during the monsoon period and winters are almost pleasant.


Jalgaon was established by the Marathas Sardar Tulajirao Bhoite founded this place. Jalgaon has the highest no of Pharmaceutical companies and the largest city to produce cotton produce.  Phule Market, Dana Bazaar, Jewellery Markets known as Sarafa Markets, Shopping Malls are famous for retail markets for clothing, jewellery, cosmetics and consumable items  Khandesh Central is the heart of the city, a centre point near the station, having a huge shopping mall, including big bazaar, INOX four screen multiplexes, wholesale markets for clothing and for food grains and also has various stores  Jalgaon city is also known as the Golden City because of the sarafa bazar,. This city is also known for construction, hardware and paint market which is at Bhori gully.




By Road - Jalgaon is well connected to the top & major cities of Maharashtra like Mumbai, Nashik, Pune, Nagpur and to Durg, Raipur, Sambhalpur, Kolkata thru Asian highway,


By Rail - Jalgaon lies on the main railway line.thru some of the Gitanjali Express, Goa Express, Karnataka Express, Punjab Mail, Bhusawal is the major railway junction near to Jalgaon.


By Air - Airport at Jalgaon - Jalgaon Airport is located at Kusumba just 6 kms from Jalgaon.  JMTU - Jalgaon Municipal Transport Corporation has started bus services in the city.


Attraction and Sightseeing near Jalgaon city
Ajanta Caves

Ajanta Caves - UNESCO World Heritage Site - near Jalgaon

Situated just 60 kms from Jalgaon city. Ajanta Caves is the major key destination for tourists. These Buddhists cave monuments are carved by the Buddhists and are dated from 2nd century BC to about 460 to 650 AC.  These Caves include paintings and sculptures which form the finest surviving examples of Ancient Indian Art with figures of Buddha and depictions of Jataka tales.  These cave monuments are built in two phase and are under strict protection under the care of Archeological Survey of India.  Ajanta Caves are been declared as the UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Ajanta Caves are located near Jalgaon just outside the village of Ajintha about 60 kms from Jalgaon Railway Station on The Delhi - Mumbai line and Howrah - Nagpur - Mumbai line of the Central Railway zone. Ajanta Caves are about 100 kms from Aurangabad city and about 100 kms from Ellora Caves which are ancient Hindu & Jain Temples and Buddhist caves the last dating from a period similar to Ajanta. These caves can be reached by staircases from the side of the river Waghur just 35 to 110 feet below.


Shree Padmalaya Praval Ganesh KshetraShree Padmalaya Praval Ganesh - amod & Pramod sharing the same vyaspeetha - half of sade teen Ganesh Peetha in Maharashtra

Half of the Three Ganesh Peetha that are in Maharashtra. First at Morgaon - Shri Mayureshwar Mandir at Pune, Second The Morya Gosavi Mandir at Chinchwad in Pune and the Third at Rajur called as Maha Ganapati Mandir of Rajur Devasthan and the half peetha is the Padmalaya of Erandol Jalgaon district.

Padmalaya means the home of Lotus. There is a Bhim Kund where there are numerous lotus growing in the kunda. At Padmalaya there are two idols of  swayambhu Lord Ganesh (self manifested) namely the Aamod & Pramod sharing the same vyaspeeth. Both the idols have silver crown with one idols trunk turned towards the left and the idols trunk turned toward the right side. Large numner of devotees offer puja, prayers and abhishekam during Bhadrapad Ganesh Chaturthi and Sankashthi Chaturthis were devotess enchant Ganesh Gayatri mantra. This place is the jagrut devasthanam of Lord Ganesha.  Padmalaya  has a great history coming from the ancient Mahabharata period.

Parol Fort - Jalgaon

Gandhi Teerth - Khoj Gandhiji ki

Located at Jain Hills in Jalgaon, six kilometers from the city called Pachora. The Place is an art museum dedicated to the life and work of Mahatma Gandhi. It is an unique example of art and multi-media using audio media in languages like Marathi, Hindi & English.



Almost towards the north located in Satpuda forest ranges near Adgaon. There are MSRTC buses and from Adgaon one has to take auto-rickshwas to go to Manudevi.  ManuDevi is the Kul-daiwat of all the Khandeshi peoples. Best time to visit this place is during the monsoon period where one can see a water fall of 60 feet height.  Its a pleasant site to be seen during the rainy season. Milky Water gushing from the top creates a pleasant environment around the temple.


Muktai Nagar

A sacred place named after Saint Muktabai who is the younger sister of Saint Sant Dyaneshwar Maharaj, the actual temple is at Kothali.


Pal Sanctuary

located in Satpuda mountain ranges near Pal a small village in Raver taluka.  The beauty of the nature is breathtaking.


Unap Dev

Hot Water Springs - Un-ap means hot water in the Khandeshi's Ahirani language.  Vuna Dev means the almighty who generated this fountain. Unap Dev is located in the foot hills of Satpuda mountain ranges. It is one of the holy place of Khandesh just 2 kms from Vardi village. These Hot Water Springs are the key attractions of Unap Dev tourist place. A story behind these water springs is that these hot water springs are generated by Lord Rama for Sharbhang Rishi.


Mehrun Lake

Meaning Jal being the water. from where Jalgaon got its name. There is a fun park located near this place.


   Map - from Jalgaon - Padmalaya Temple - Ajanta Caves - Ellora Caves near Aurangabad