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Best of South Package by Mr. Vijay Tambe
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Car Rental Services by Mr. Stuart Butler
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Holiday Package to Ooty by Ritesh Mathur (GE Advanced Materials)
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Holiday Package to Thailand by Chandrani Datta
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Kas Pathar, Satara (Maharashtra)


Hotels in Kas Pathar - Satara

Hotels & Resorts in Kas Pathar & Satara


Ajinkya Fort - 3 kms,   Sajjangad - 15 kms,    Kas Pathar - 21 kms,   Thosegar - 25 kms,
  Bamnoli - 33 kms,   Dhom Dam - 44 kms,  
Panchgani - 51 kms,   Mahabaleshwar 53 kms,   Tapola Dam - 79 Kms

Hotels in Karanje Satara Grade Rate per couple Plan
Hotel Radhika Palace  Karanje ** Tariff Room only

Kas Pathar - a flower carpet spread over acres on Pathar - Satara in Maharashtra

Kas Pathar - Kaas Plateau - Valley of Flowers - Satara - Maharashtra


Kas Pathar - Kas Plateau - Valley of Flowers

Kas Pathar/Kas Plateau  is about 21 kms from Satara city. this lateritic plateau is 30 kms to the west of Satara on Pune Bangalore Highway, where one finds the Valley of Flowers of Sahyadri Hills.  Nearly 300 different kinds of species of flowering plants, orchids, insectivorous plants and shrubs, tuberose burst are found during monsoon season.

Kas Valley

The Kas Pathar is an unique biosphere, with high hill pathar ie a table grassland. Kas Pathar is at the Sahyadri hills near Satara. Kas Pathar is known for its picturesque view of various types of blooming flowers that cover the entire plateau.

During monsoon, ie. in month of August, Kas Plateau looks like a carpet spread over the entire plateau. There are more than 150 types of various species of orchids and flowering plants. shrubs and grasses are found here.  Many of the flowering plants are insect eaters ie these plants are carnivorous in nature.

During Monsoon when the Kas Pathar is fully covered with various blooming species of colorful flowers  resembles like a floral carpet spread over the plateau. It looks like a heaven on earth.


Kas Pathar - a beautiful scenic & picturesque location at Sahyadri Hills near Satara in Maharashtra

Kas Pathar - a beautiful scenic & picturesque location at Sahyadri Hills near Satara in MaharashtraKas Pathar - a beautiful scenic & picturesque location at Sahyadri Hills near Satara in MaharashtraKas Pathar - a beautiful scenic & picturesque location at Sahyadri Hills near Satara in Maharashtra

Kas Pathar / Kas Lake / Koyna Project

Kas Lake near Kas Pathar, near Satara - MaharashtraKas Pathar also surrounds a wonderful lake ie. Kas Lake. It resembles like a bowl carved out of the Sahyadri mountains. Kas Lake is towards south of Kas Pathar. Kaas Lake is situated 26 kms from Satara city. It is on an altitude of 3,500 ft from sea level. This lake was built in 1875. The lake location is a calm and surrounded by forests.

The Backwaters of the Koyna Project just 30 kms towards the Kas Lake.  Several scenic places like caves, picnic spots, boating places and religious temple are found in the nearby places.

Kas Pathar forms a wonderful hub of scenic beauty, adventurous wild life, with an holy touch. 

If you want to visit a place which is a hill station but really different one or unique hill station Kas Pathar is the best choice. This is the place truly loved by all - Picnic Lovers, Flower lovers, Trekkers as well as jungle lovers.

Sajjangad, Temples near Kas Pathar, near Satara,  Maharashtra

Sajjangad  near Satara,  MaharashtraTemple near Kas Pathar, near Satara,  MaharashtraTemple near Kas Pathar, near Satara,  Maharashtra


Various Flowering species found at Kas Pathar - resembles just like a carpet spread on the Plateau

Various Flowering species found at Kas Pathar - resembles just like a carpet spread on the PlateauVarious Flowering species found at Kas Pathar - resembles just like a carpet spread on the PlateauVarious Flowering species found at Kas Pathar - resembles just like a carpet spread on the Plateau

Visiting Kas Pathar
Thosegar Waterfall - near Kas Pathar - & Satara in Maharashtra
Kas Pathar can be visited during the blooming period during monsoon. but flowers are seen all over the year.  During the month of June to early Sept one can visit Kas Pathar, since monsoon time is the best time for flowers.  The climate of Kas Pathar is very cool. During rainy season there are innumerable waterfalls seen in the deep forests and valley areas. Thosegar waterfall and Sajjangad are the most visited places around Kas Pathar.

During monsoon one can enjoy the scene of carpet of flowers spread over 100s and 1000s of feet of plateau area.  The flowers keep on changing after a gap of a week. The  flowering plants also bring in different types of birds amongst one is bulbul.

Kas Pathar - Valley of Flowers - at Sahyadri Hills - UNESCO World Heritage Site

Kas Pathar - Valley of Flowers - at Sahyadri Hills - UNESCO World Heritage SiteKas Pathar - Valley of Flowers - at Sahyadri Hills - UNESCO World Heritage Site


Wonderful species of flowering plants seen at Kas Pathar - Satar - Maharashtra

Wonderful species of flowering plants seen at Kas Pathar - Satar - MaharashtraWonderful species of flowering plants seen at Kas Pathar - Satar - Maharashtra

Places around Satara
  • Mahabaleshwar is a beautiful Hill station known for strawberries is located 53 kms from Satara. It is located at 4500 ft above the sea level. Mahabaleshwar is also known for its finest natural wonders.
  • Panchgani spread through five hills Panchgani is located 20 kms, east of Mahabaleshwar. Panchgani is known for its pleasant weather and is well popular amongst the Bollywood industry.. There are many boarding schools in Panchgani.
  • Tapola Dam, also known as Mini Kashmir, is 79 kms from Satara and 25 kms from Mahabaleshwar, is an ideal picnic spot. It is a good weekend holiday destination near Mahabaleshwar.
  • Ajinkyatara Fort very near to Satara ie. only 3 kms from Satara. Satara city itself is spread over the slope of Fort Ajinkyatara. Picturesque scenic location of the entire Satara city can be seen from the top of this Fort.
  • Dhom Dam, 44 kms from Satara is a very beautiful spot. It is located 22 kms from Panchgani, and 44 kms from Satara. This Dam is built on Krishna river.
  • Barmoli is located 33 kms from Satara city, and is a very small village. This village is on the shore of Shivsagar lake. Shivsagar forms the back waters of Koyna dam. One can go for boating at Shivsagar lake.
  • Sajjangad is 15 kms from Satara city where samarth Ramdas took his Samadhi. Sajjangad is 3000 ft above sea level. Samartha Ramdas was an inspiration and mentor  and a spiritual teacher/Guru to the Great Maratha King Chatrapatti Shivaji Maharaj in his fight for Swaraj.
  • Thosegar Waterfalls is 25 kms from Satara city. These high ft waterfalls are very attractive and create loud noise while flowing thru dark woods of hilly region into a clean lake.

Some Important Travel Tips while visiting Kas Pathar or any other tourist place.

Kas Pathar at Sahyadri hills at Satara is  a huge plateau full of wonderful flowering plants spread over like a carpet over the entire plateau. Sahyadri Hills being one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. it is our own responsibility that we help the nature and our own Govt. or the civic body, to save the natures resource.

As a Tourist and a Responsible Educated citizen of our Mother Earth, one should respect the purity and cleanliness of the place while visiting the world heritage sites. We should respect our Mother Earth, as there are thousands of travelers or visitors visiting such places.
Important things to keep in mind
  • Plastic Bottles & Bags, Alcoholic Beverages should not to be carried to such areas.
  • Picnic Rubbish like wrappers, papers, empty plastic bags, plastic bottles, empty beverage bottles, alcohol bottles and other rubbish or any waste matter should be thrown right into the rubbish bins or better be carried away back at home where you can dispose it properly.
  • Not to destroy the environment by throwing litter here and there
    at the plateau while traveling.
  • Strictly Not to use this place for washing, cleaning and for any excretory use.
Some things to keep in mind
  • Remove shoes while visiting any shrine.
  • Drinking alcohol and speaking in a raised voice strictly prohibited.
  • There are some holy places where leather goods, hat or camera or
    an umbrella may not be allowed.
  • Photography may not be allowed at waterfalls, shrines, and other restricted area.